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COVID-19 Policies & Protocols

Vaccination Requirements

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 is optional. Vaccination is not required at this time.

Masking Requirements

  • Masks are optional while in the facility. Please respect anyone's decision to wear a mask.

Entry Requirements

  • Every person entering the facility will have their temperature taken. Entry will be denied to anyone presenting a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher.  

Daily Protocols


  • Students will be allowed to enter no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of class with their grown up.

  • Students must arrive already dressed for class: in leotard or workout attire, hair tied back securely (as needed) and a filled water bottle.   

  • A staff member will take everyone’s temperature.

  • Individuals must have a temperature lower than 100.0 degrees to be allowed entry.    

During class

  • The floors will be marked throughout the facility indicating safe distance.  Students will use these spots while navigating the halls, waiting in line, and while doing different activities, exercises, drills, etc. 

  • Students will be asked to sanitize their hands between each event as needed.

  • Coaches will do their best to keep their class isolated from the other classes to reduce exposure.  

Cleaning & Disinfecting

  • Coaches will clean equipment after each class using disinfectant.  

  • Air filtration units will be running at all times to keep the air circulating and as clean as possible.   


  • At the end of class, students should wash or sanitize hands.

  • We will end class 3-5 minutes early to help students get ready for dismissal.

  • Coaches will lead their class to the exit for dismissal.

  • Students will be dismissed to their adult at the main door.  


Protocols for a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 

  • If a student tests positive: 

    • Parent MUST inform NGF IMMEDIATELY.  

    • NGF will immediately notify the NYC and NYS DOH and follow their guidance

    • NGF will immediately notify all families affected.  

    • We will do everything we possibly can to isolate the groups from one another to limit exposure.

    • Students in the group are allowed to return to class if they have tested negative.

    • The student who initially tested positive will only be allowed to return after they have completed their 5-day isolation and are no longer contagious.

  • If a student is a close contact to a COVID positive person:

    • If a student has been within 6 feet for 15 or more minutes within 3 days of a person who tests positive for COVID, the student is considered a close contact.

    • The parents should inform NGF immediately.  

    • The student should be tested to ensure they have not caught the virus.  

  • If a child appears to exhibit symptoms during class:

    • That child will be brought to the front desk where they will be isolated from others. 

    • Their parents or caregiver will be contacted immediately to come pick them up. 

    • When the parent or caregiver arrives they will wait outside and a staff member will bring the sick student to the exit.


Staff Protocols

  • All employees will answer the health questionnaire and have their temperature taken prior to the start of each work day.  

  • Staff will wash or sanitize hands at regular intervals.

  • Staff will do their best to maintain a safe distance between students and other staff members.

  • Staff will follow the same guidelines as students regarding possible illness:

    • If a staff member tests positive for COVID: All students that the coach teaches will be notified. Staff member will be allowed to return after completing their 5-day quarantine.

    • If a staff member is a close contact they will 

      • Get tested

      • As long as they are negative, their students will not need to quarantine or test.

      • If the staff member is positive, their students will be notified and will be asked to get tested.

      • Staff member will be allowed to return after completing their 5-day quarantine. 

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